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            1. Phillip Lim reinterprets classics through the lens of modern minimalism. With an emphasis on neutral colours, his collections are an amalgamation of original details and structured fits.

              3.1 Phillip Lim
              3.1 Phillip Lim designer collection for men at Simons
              3.1 Phillip Lim designer collection for women at Simons

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              Sleek, avant-garde, or couture, they'll complete your wardrobe with stark distinction.

              3.1 PHILLIP LIM handbag
              Phillip Lim bag
              Designer bag for men
              Designer crossbody bag

              Today's Most In-Demand

              Hurry! These pieces are on the radars of the world's fashion fans.

              A new label is coming to Simons! This Canadian brand wows with the richness of the colours and fabrics used in its designs.

              A mash-up of utility menswear and high-quality, innovative textiles, C.P. Company makes avant-garde synonymous with performance.

              To discover

              Canadian collection Beaufille at Simons
              Designer collection C.P. Company at Simons
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