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              How Often Should you Change your Pillow?

              Unfortunately, pillows don't last forever. When they are properly cared for, they can last a few years, and generally, natural-fill pillows are more durable than synthetic.

              • KNOW THE SIGNS

                Pay attention! Do you wake up often during the night to fix your pillow? Does it seem to be sagging or that the fill is breaking into small pieces?

                These are probably signs of wear and tear and that your pillow is old. Over time, it’s also possible that your needs have changed and that your pillow no longer suits you.

                Get back to enjoying deep and restful nights of sleep with a new pillow that perfectly meets your needs. 


                It’s pretty easy to care for your pillows and prolong their life.

                Get in the habit of fluffing your pillow every morning when you wake up in order to fix and replace the fill after you sleep.

                It’s also recommended to use a pillow protector in order to avoid all contact with impurities that could affect the quality of your pillow.

                Shop our pillow protectors >

              The Art of Choosing the Right Pillow

              Just like when buying a duvet, choosing a pillow starts with deciding on the fill and the quality of the construction.

              • SYNTHETIC FILL

                These pillows are affordable, easy-care (they’re washable and quick to dry), and are a great alternative for people who are allergic to down.

                They are generally made of polyester sheets or flakes that mimic the fluffy feel of down. 

                Memory foam is also a favourite fibre that’s generally pretty firm, durable, and comfortable.

              • NATURAL FILL

                Usually made from the feathers and down of waterfowl, these pillows are air permeable, meaning that they allow moisture to evaporate so you stay dry while you sleep.

                They are very durable, always offer unparalleled comfort, and are more expensive to make because of the fact that high quality down is rare.

                But what’s the difference between feathers and down?  The answer is simple.
                Down is softer and lighter, while feathers are firmer and more economical.

              • FILL POWER

                Fill power is the scale of measurement that exists to measure down’s quality.

                It measures the number of cubic inches occupied by one ounce of down.

                A high fill power means the down has more volume and that it will be fluffier, warmer, and more insulating. It will also be lighter and more durable.

              • THE COVER

                The cover, also called the ticking, is the fibre that covers the pillow.

                Its main purpose is to keep the fill inside the pillow. Usually made of cotton, the quality of the cover is determined by the thread count, similar to sheets. The higher the thread count, the finer, silkier, and more resistant the cotton will be.

                At Simons, all our pillows are made with a high quality cover that prevents the fibres from escaping.

              Personalized Support

              How you sleep often determines how firm your pillow should be. Of course, since everyone is different, you should also take your preferences in terms of comfort into account.

              • FIRMNESS LEVEL

                The quality and quantity of natural or synthetic fibres used in the pillow’s fill determines how soft or firm the pillow is.

                In general, synthetic fibres are firmer. However, they generally start to break down twice as fast.

                Natural fibres, on the other hand, easily mould to your head, neck, and shoulders to provide soft support. 

              • SLEEP POSITION

                Tell us how you sleep and we’ll tell you what pillow will be best!

                On your stomach: A soft and fluffy pillow will be the comfiest since it will allow your head to sink into the fill and your backbone to stay in its natural position.

                On your back: A semi-firm pillow will give you great support and hug the natural curve in your neck without lifting your head too high so that you’re comfortable.

                On your side: A firm pillow will be the best choice. It provides excellent support for your head and neck while keeping them alignment.

                Do you tend to change positions often during the night? Don’t worry. Go for a semi-firm pillow that will be more versatile. 

              • DID YOU KNOW?

                How tall a person is can also affect their needs. A tall person tends to prefer the support of thicker pillows.

              Comparative Chart

              Discover the features and advantages of our pillows in the blink of an eye.

              • SYNTHETIC PILLOWS







                The perfect pillow for your guest rooms, chalets, and first apartments.  Soft or firm. A pillow that provides comfort options specifically designed for the way you sleep.  A luxurious pillow that gives you the soft and fluffy feel of down. 


                100% polyester 

                100% spiral-spun polyester

                100% down-like polyester flakes



                240-thread-count cotton  

                300-thread-count cotton 



                Semi-firm / firm



                An unbeatable value


                Choice of soft or firm



                Immitates the comfort of down



              • NATURAL PILLOWS




                royal plus

                white goose down


                Get a restful sleep with this pillow found in every room of Group Germain Hotels. The perfect mix of feathers and down for high-quality sleep. A divine comfort! Filled with only white down to provide utter rest and relaxation. 


                80% feathers, 20% down  

                Feather centre surrounded by a thick envelope of down

                White goose down 


                300-thread-count cotton 


                325-thread-count cotton 


                300-thread-count cotton






                luxurious and durable


                luxurious and washablebuy

                luxurious and extremely soft





              • MEMORY FOAM PILLOWS






                A technical fibre that provides a modern alternative when it comes to comfort. For an unbeatable fresh feeling that keeps you comfy and cool all night long. 


                Polyurethane foam 

                Polyurethane foam 


                Polyester microfibre 

                Polyester microfibre










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