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              iFiv5 - on-trend activewear

              A Splash of Colour, Please!

              On the menu this season: ultra-saturated shades and silhouettes made of recycled fibres.

              The fruit salad swimtrunk for men at Simons

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              Layer the BCBG cardigan over a golf polo for an athletic look that's above par in the elegance department.


              Fresh Air

              It's a proven fact: a little time outside keeps the spirits up. If you like being on the move, soak up some sun while getting your heart rate up!

              On-Trend Activewear

              Performance, adventure, adrenaline—welcome to the high-octane world of i.FiV5 for men. Discover our activewear section where we welcome today's top labels as well as our highly competitive private capsule collections.

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