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            1. Soia & Kyo logo at Simons

              Canadian Brand | The Montreal company Soia & Kyo guarantees comfort, style, and warmth thanks to its modern and timelessly elegant coats made with rich materials.

              Soia & Kyo Outdoor Clothes for Women

              Founded in 2004, this Quebec-based brand has quickly become a staple in the world of outdoor fashion for women. Soia & Kyo down coats are absolutely comfortable, warm, and elegant. And Soia & Kyo leather jackets perfectly combine high-quality, genuine leather and moderne, feminine style.

              The Soia & Kyo wool coat and Soia & Kyo winter coat are both timeless, simple, and sophisticated. As for the chic Soia & Kyo trench coat, it is an absolute must for every wardrobe. It is sure to become a practical, fashionable ally for your all of daily outings! No matter the season, you are sure to find the perfect coat with Soia & Kyo.

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