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              Fabrique 1840 x Université Laval: Making Way for the Designers of Tomorrow

              10 Feb 2020

              What will object design look like in the future? To find out, Fabrique 1840 is opening its platform up for the first time to design students from Université Laval as part of a unique partnership.

              It took nearly a year to make the collaboration between the online platform and the Design School of the Faculty of Planning, Architecture, Art, and Design at Université Laval in Quebec City a reality. The resulting ten products that will be offered for a limited time at Fabrique 1840 originated from an educational exercise in designing everyday objects. The students had to create items inspired by compact living, producing utilitarian and minimalist pieces that utterly align with Fabrique 1840’s values!

              Students in their final year at the Design School tested their prototypes at Volumique, the school’s design fair, and produced a mini-series of their design. Therefore, the objects chosen for sale by Fabrique 1840 are all handcrafted by the students themselves in very limited quantities. It’s a golden opportunity for the fifteen students to test their entrepreneurial side. Additionally, the profits will go towards financing their next production and their final exhibition!

              “It’s rare that we do this type of project,” explains Charlotte Gori, a graduating student responsible for Volumique. “It’s a way for us to express ourselves, to show who we are as a designer. It’s completely different from what we usually do. It’s a really fun exercise. Also, the possibility of teaming up with Fabrique 1840 to be Canada-wide is a wonderful opportunity.”

              For Fabrique 1840, looking towards the future is only natural since our mission is to support Canadian artisans, whether they are well-established or are just starting out, as was the case with Allstudio, Îlot Culture, and Laucolo, for instance. With Fabrique 1840 having been founded a little over a year ago, this goal is just as important for the oiur team as it was when the platform launched, which is why our partnership with the graduating students of Université Laval is just the first step towards a greater commitment to design schools across Canada!

              Favourite pieces

              Umbrella stand

              Zone grise (or “Grey Zone”), the umbrella stand designed by Charlotte Gori, is striking due to its simple lines, ingenious design, and utter utility. It's an object that's too often undervalued, making it an item that can easily become a key element of an entrance hall.

              Rope baskets

              Satya Prevost created these Licio baskets with simple cotton rope. A craft that’s sometimes underestimated, working with textile fibre is fascinating in addition to being useful. These extremely versatile Licio baskets will look wonderful anywhere in the house thanks to their minimalist design that has a hint of colour.

              Valet tray

              Useful and affordable, the valet tray designed by Karine Michaud, Woodyne Veillard, and Alexandra Bouchard allows you to store mail that’s hanging around on the counter, change, keys, menus, and objects that have been scattered here and there. 

              With its simplicity, elegant lines, and choice of dark colours, it sleekly and chicly keeps clutter organized.

              There were several graduates from the Design School who participated in the event to launch their work on Fabrique 1840's platform:

              Louis-Philippe Garneau and Marc Malouin
              Karine Michaud, Woodyne Veillard, and Alexandra Bouchard
              Charlotte Gori
              Alicia Gauthier
              Raphaël Pellerin and Étienne Klopfenstein
              Laurence Gaudy and Renaud Guy-Plourde
              Dominique Labbé and Camille Grenier-Naud
              Satya Prevost
              Léonie Théberge and Kelly Desabrais

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